University Projects

Graphic Design + Creative Direction
Project Overview
A collection of projects I've done working at the University of Pittsburgh.
My Contributions
Graphic Design + Creative Direction+Digital/Physical Collateral

University Email Headers

A collection of email banners I created at the Vice Chancellors request, so students and better recognizing incoming emails and their subject matter.

Updating Arrival Map

Updated arrival map completed in Adobe Illustrator. Using the old map as a guide I updated the University of Pittsburgh's arrival map.

ROC the Royal

Digital Collateral created for the University of Pittsburgh's 'Roc the Royal' Fridays, a three month campaign where everyone on campus wear's Pitt Royal Blue. Each campaign consisted of a web banner, social post, and a digital screens post for our televisions on campus.

Backyard Brawl 2023

Digital collateral promoting the 2023 Backyard Brawl and the accompanying t shirt.
Each campaign comes with digital email, social and web banner collateral to be used by our stores and our Sr. Manager for emails to the students.


I was granted the opportunity to design a seamless pattern in Adobe Illustrator for a mobile food order shelf located in Litchfield Towers.

Spring Move Out Letter

Holiday Shop & Stroll

Digital illustration and graphic design for the University Store's, Holiday Shop & Stroll. I started with a loosely drawn sketch of the University Stores' layout on campus. I made the stores look like small huts/homes, that I'd eventually make look more like german holiday village homes you see in cartoons. I the University Stores wanted me to include one of the Pittsburgh inclines in the illustration as well. I chose a font that screamed fun, holiday, and joy. I then resized the holiday illustration to create: printed posters for advertisement, holiday coupons, digital screen advertisements, and social media posts.

United Way
Fall Food Truck Fashion Festival

I was tasked with the responsibility to create a fashion scene located on the Chancellor Gallagher Plaza. I went with the traditional looking fashion sketch and feel but injected with Pittsburgh Panther pride.
I went with the alternate sky blue apart of Pitt's secondary pallet, as a skin color. It's different, it's on brand and it's a color I feel unite's the people in the scene even though they are all so different. This scene was then expanded to create different forms of printed and digital collateral for the event.

University Hall Pop Art Project

I had the amazing opportunity to create this 96in x 44in illustration currently hanging in the entrance of University Hall. Inspired by, American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, I searched for vintage University of Pittsburgh images and settled on this game action photograph of the Pittsburgh Panthers playing the Temple Owls. Using Adobe Illustrator, I vectored the majority of the photograph in bright bold colors while leaving the corners of the image in black and white.

Polaroid Camera Promotion

Polaroid camera promotion making students/customers aware of the Polaroid camera's on sale at the University Store. I provided the art direction, digital and printable collateral.
Polaroid provided the images of their products.