Digital Campaigns

Graphic Design + Creative Direction
Project Overview
Digital collateral I've created for different email campaigns. Every thing you see here is started in Canva and exported to Illustrator to be completed.
My Contributions
Graphic Design + Creative Direction

A collection of email banners I created at the Vice Chancellors request, so students and better recognizing incoming emails and their subject matter.

Digital Collateral created for the University of Pittsburgh's 'Roc the Royal' Fridays, a three month campaign where everyone on campus wear's Pitt Royal Blue. Each campaign consisted of a web banner, social post, and a digital screens post for our televisions on campus.

Digital collateral promoting the 2023 Backyard Brawl and the accompanying t shirt.
Each campaign comes with digital email, social and web banner collateral to be used by our stores and our Sr. Manager for emails to the students.