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At the University of Pittsburgh I currently work as the primary graphic designer servicing the Business Hospitality Auxiliary Services department, our four stores (The Pitt Shop at the Pete, The Pitt Shop,The University Store on 5th, and Maggie&Stellas).

The University of Pittsburgh's partnerships has given me the opportunity to design marketing materials for notable corporations like Nike, Champion and Apple. Every design involving their corporate logo has to be reviewed and approved by a representative employed by the corporation.

Few of our clients.


Apple iPad and Apple watch digital advertisement designs and copywriting for on campus digital screens. All designs were created using pre existing Apple product photographs obtained from an authorized Apple library.


Adobe Photoshop+Adobe Illustrator

Basketball game promotional web banners designed for the university stores.

The Zoo Shirt WebBanner.png
swing into baseball.png

Adobe Photoshop+Adobe  Illustrator

Social media content designed to promote deals on our @ThePittShop instagram account. Products pictured below were captured in our university photography studio by me as well.

Adobe Illustrator+Adobe Photoshop+ Lightroom

Basketball Social E.png
Basketball Social C.png
Basketball Social d.png

Maintenance magnets created for the student body featuring a QR code within the design.

Adobe Photoshop+QR Code App

4x6 Real.png

I was tasked with the job to completely redesign all of the "Better Ask Brad!" Apple repair collateral. Here I illustrated the Universities Apple repair tech building on top of the pre-existing design. I did an entire background and copy write redesign as well.

Adobe Photoshop+Adobe Illustrator

bab digi.png
bab soc.png

With the University of Pittsburgh growing and making changes, projects such as our cafeteria upgrade will come across my desk. The University had 3D renderings created of one of the major changes taking place this summer. The only issue is the large blue food trailer in the corner is completely wrong. My department lead challenged me to do a bit of design problem solving by compositing the proper airstream food truck into the 3D image submitted to the University. Below are the results of this composite project.


Adobe Illustrator+Adobe Photoshop

Original 3D rendering
Revised rendering with correct airstream.
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