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The Logo

I designed a logo and branding presentation set for female rugby player as a collaboration pitch to possibly created apparel. Sourcing inspiration from past and current athletes plus her highlight videos I created an image that I felt best personified her playing style. Here are the images from that presentation.

Tapper 5-01.png
Tapper 8-01-01.png

Logo Iterations

Here are different iterations of the logo using her initials. I also used a silhouette of her running in different hair styles.The silhouette is a strong statement in sorts marketing and branding.

Sports Bra

360 view of a model wearing a sports bra with the logo over the front left chest.

Tapper 9-01.png
tapper 11-01.png

Hair Tie / Scrunchie
All Over Print

Checkered all over print hair tie / scrunchie using the main logo. These were created with the thought of women and young girls purchasing the product and needing to use it as well. It's a great looking product and its practical.

Crop Hoodie / T Shirt

Upper body apparel.

Tapper 12-01.png
Tapper 13-01.png

Athletic Leggings

Athletic two-tone leggings for physical activity. The logo sits large on the side of the left knee.

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