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AEC Communit-E Store, LLC

At the AEC Communit-E Store I worked as a digital designer in an industry setting, apart of a team of creators. We built and maintained online employee stores for corporate entities around the nation.

As a digital designer I acted as an on-site expert on visual communication and on how to support/enhance visual merchandising with graphics and/or visual materials.

Few of our clients.

st ignatius.png

Ferry Electric: Home banner and promotional banner design.

Adobe Photoshop+Adobe Illustrator

Ferry E.jpg
hb banner.png

Henderson Brothers home page banner design.

Adobe Photoshop

Turner Construction home page and promotional banner design.

Adobe Photoshop

miller vaentine banner.png

Adobe Illustrator+ Adobe  Photoshop

Miller Valentine logo redesign with metal effect for custom Yeti website images.

Miller Valentine home page banner design.

mv banner (1).png

Product photographs captured utilizing our in house photography studio.

Adobe Illustrator+Photoshop+Lightroom

Adobe Illustrator+Adobe Photoshop

product photos3.jpg
product photos6 (1).jpg
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